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Korean Names & Meanings

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please note that the names and meanings that are listed here have all been given to me by adoptive parents.  Most agencies will have the meanings of names listed on the initial referral paperwork.  If a name is not listed here, I don't have the meaning, and you should check with your agency.  Thanks!

Ae :   love
Bae:   (boy) inspiration
Bin: (girl) bright
Bok:  (boy)  good fortune
Byung: bright
Cha:   (girl) Pure
Chae:   (girl) shining
Chang:  (boy)  intelligent
Chin:   (boy) precious
Cho:    (girl) beautiful
Chul: (boy) firmness
Chun:  (girl) Justice
Dae:   (boy) greatness
Doh: (boy) accomplishment
Dong: (boy) east
Du:  (boy) head
Eui:  (girl) meanings
Eun:   (girl) grace, blessing, silver
Gin:  (boy) truth
Gook:  (boy) nation
Hae:  Ocean, Sea
Haeng:  (boy) Happy
Han: devotion
Hee:  (girl) pleasure, bright, delight, happiness, shine
          (boy) joyful
Hei, Hea: (girl) grace
Ho: (boy) goodness
Hye:   (girl) grace
Hyeon: merciful
(girl) wisdom, honor
Il:   (girl) superiority
In:  (girl) humanity
Jae: respect
Jee:  (girl) wisdom
Jin: (girl) truth, treasure, jewel
       (boy) truth
Jin-ho: (boy) jewel lake
Joo:  (girl) jewel
Joo Eun:  (girl) silver pearl
Joon: (boy) hero
Jung:  (girl) righteous, honest, affection
           (boy) righteous, affection
Kee: high
Ki:  (boy) vigor
Kwang: light
Kyu: (girl) star
         (boy) standard
Kyung:  goodness
Kyung-Soon (girl) honored & mild or gentle
Mee:   (girl) beauty
Min:   (girl) cleverness, precious stone
           (boy) light
Moon:   letters
Myung:  (boy) brightness)
Nam:   male
Neul: the sky
Ok:   jade
Ra: (girl) in direct motion
Ree: (girl) bright
Ryung:  (girl) brightness
Sam: (boy) achievement
Sang:  (boy) help each other, thinker
See Ah:   talented and beautiful
Seon: Good natured
  greenish pearl
Seung:   (boy) successor, winner
Shin:   (girl) belief,
           (boy) faith or trust
Si: devote
Sik:   clear, honest
So:   (girl) beautiful, pretty, smile
Soo: (Girl)  excellence, outstanding, long life 
        (Boy) long life
Sook:  (girl) purity
           (boy) light
Suh: peaceful
Suk: (girl) great, big
         (boy) hardness
Sun:   goodness
Sung: achievement, sincere
Sye:   the world
Tae: great
Woo: help, outstanding
Yeon: feast
Yeong: prosperous
Yong: (boy) bravery
Yoon:  (girl) believe
Young:  (girl) flower, forever or prosperity
            (boy) forever or prosperity
Yun:   lotus blossum
Yung:   clear, prosperous

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