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Financing your adoption

For many of us, affording adoption is a ridiculous notion.  We have to scrimp & save, sell stuff, borrow from relatives, take out home equity loans, apply for grants, etc. Whatever it takes, (including lots of prayers) to come up with the money. But children are priceless and we'll do whatever is necessary to bring them into our lives!
On this page I will be listing various links to adoption grants, low interest adoption loans, etc.  It has recently come to my attention that any posts about things for sale are strictly forbidden on Ivillage. THIS INCLUDES POSTS ABOUT FUNDRAISERS.....  No reference must be made to items for sale within any post. HOWEVER, it IS allowed for you to make reference to a website in part of your signature line.  So if any of you will be doing fundraisers for your adoption, you can set up a website for it, then make mention of it in your signature line on every post you make. Here's an example of what is acceptable:
Lucy, Mom to Abigail, age 2, and waiting for referral   adoption fundraiser
VERY IMPORTANT THOUGH:  You must not mention anything about it in your post.  I know this seems silly, but it is Ivillage's site, it's their rules and Ivillage provides free websites, e-ml, etc. So who are we to complain?  :o) 
If anyone has any questions, feel free to e-ml me and I will try to clarify this further.

National Adoption Foundation - offers adoption grants and low-interest loans, (home equity and unsecured) to qualified adoptive families.

JSW Adoption Foundation - offering grants to subsidize a portion of adoption costs.

A Child Waits - Providing low interest loans

God's Grace Adoption Ministries - Serving Christian adoptive families with financial aid.

Potters Hands Foundation - Offers adoption grants. Created by Terry and Lori Schoppe of Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Schoppes have experienced the challenges and joys of the adoption process, and felt lead by God to offer assistance to other Christian couples seeking to adopt children.

The Funds4Families Loan Program thru American Home Loans - debt consolidation, home equity line of credit, home improvement & refinancing

Lifetime Adoption: offers a simple loan program to qualified families, even with average credit. Families may repay the loan at any time and can finance the loan up to five years.

Shaohannah's Hope: Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth started this foundation in their daughter's name to provide information and assistance to families interested in adopting.


Active-duty military families may be reimbursed up to $2,000 in eligible adoption expenses.  You can download the NMFA Adoption Fact Sheet from the National Military Family Association by clicking on the link, or contact your specific military branch for information.




HOME EQUITY LOANS: Interest rates are pretty low right now and the interest is tax deductible. But PLEASE remember, you are putting your home at risk.


LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES: Check your policy because often you can borrow from the cash value of your life insurance policy.

LOW INTEREST LOANS: Check with some banks. Many offer low interest loans or credit lines specifically for adoptive parents. MBNA America has a loan program that can be tailored to adoption.  Click on the blue link to go to their website or call 888-844-3775 for more information.

A Mother's Love - Offering fundraising ideas to cover adoption expenses

Employers Adoption Benefits - a list of all companies offering adoption benefits

Your Church - Many church congregations welcome the opportunity to help fellow church members adopt a child from another country by organizing community fundraisers or simply by offering a cash gift to help defray adoption expenses.