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ParentSoup Korean Adoption Board Website

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Adoption Related Links

AdoptKorea: More links than you could go to in a lifetime!

Life in Korea: Tons of information from Culture, language, ceremonies & festivals, photos of Korea...

For general information about adoption, i.e., selecting an agency, health concerns, dealing with INS, etc., check out this great link!

U.S. Embassy website in Seoul S. Korea. Lots of information!

US Department of State - Find all the answers you are looking for about passports, travel, customs, health issues, citizenship, etc.

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse - A wealth of information on this site!!

Great link for Korean (as well as world wide) folk tales

Print out your own Korean Growth Charts!

Introduction to Hangul (the Korean language)

Learning to speak in Korean!

Want to learn some commonly used Korean words & how to pronounce them? (Helpful for those adopting older children until they learn English)

State-by-state index of adoption agencies authorized to place Korean children